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Eurovision Song Contest - Voice Samples - New Rules

  • Publisert: 11.06.2017, 23:52
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    I've been busy participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. And there has been a lot of talk about the rules regarding the use of pre recorded vocals. And this is my reply:


    First off, I want to say that I am very happy that we got to change the rule for this year, and hopefully It will stay that way for as long as it is a song competition, and not a singing/vocal-competition. To stay up-to-date, regarding the music productions and genres, it has to follow the new things that are being used in the these days, and future music. I am sure that most people do not want the future ESC songs to sound like a Eurovision song, but just a good song. 


    For me, the most important thing about participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, was to get the music, and It?s message out there, to as many as possible. To get to show the music for 186.000.000 people was the biggest win i could ever get. But every finalist got that. But did the viewers get the message? 

    Most of them did probably not.. On Spotify we can see how many that actually listens to the song.. About a month after that evening, when 186 million people saw us play Grab The Moment (GTM), we have about 10 million streams at Spotify. And the last 28 days, there has been 17.200 people who have listen to our GTM, the majority of those days. So we could say, that about 0,10% of those who saw us live, got the message?.


    And i guess that sounds bad. But its not. GTM is one of the most streamed songs after the final. Last time i checked we were number 4 in number of Spotify streams. You can?t possibly get the message of our song, after seing it on TV, once, between 25 other songs.. The people that probably got the message, was the once who listens to the song the majority of the last 28 last days.

    I think the reason that people went to Spotify and added the song to their playlist, was because they just in general liked the song. And the popular songs (the most liked songs) has a particular  sound. They usually sounds ?modern?. And one way to sound modern, is to use Voice samples. It has many names. Just be sure to don?t call it ?Pre recorded backing vocals?. They are pre recorded. But they are not backing vocals. in fact, they are no longer vocals. They are now a digital instrument. The most used lead instrument beside lead vocals in modern/ popular music. 


    I checked todays Global Top 50 at Spotify, and found out that 18 of the top 50 had the type of vocal samples, that would be impossible to do live, because they are so edited, processed, and mixed in to the sound. If these songs were to be presented at the Eurovision Song Contest, they would need to break the old rules, to sound as the was intended. And that?s the point. You want to listen to the song, as it was intended to sound. The contest would not be fair if some of the songs couldent be played the way they was made. It?s not just notes and words. It?s communication between sounds and feelings. 


    I have the playlist with those 18 songs from todays top 50 here:


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  • Publisert: 11.06.2017, 23:52
  • Kategori: Blogg
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